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The Meat (i Secondi)

Lamb "alla Scottadito"

10,00 €

Baked piglet

Pork cooked in a wood oven

8,00 €

"Tagliata" with balsamic

Sliced Argentine Angus with Balsamic Vinegar

13,00 €

"Tagliata" with Rocket, Pachino and Grana

Sliced Argentine Angus with Rocket, Pachino tomatoes and Grana Chips

13,00 €

Costarelle di Maiale

7,00 €

Roasted Porcini with Potatoes

13,00 €

"Tagliata" with Truffle

Sliced Argentine Angus with Fresh Truffle

15,00 €

Galletto alla Brace

12,00 €

Local sausages

3 pieces

7,00 €

"Tagliata" with Porcini

Sliced Argentine Angus with Porcini Mushrooms from the Cimini Mountains

15,00 €

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уголок верхний левый B&b La Locanda Cistercense
Уголк нижний правый B&b La Locanda Cistercens
Уголок верхний правый B&b La Locanda Cistercense
Уголок нижний левый B&b La Locanda Cistercense
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